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Tokyo truly is a city you need to spend at least a week at to get full enjoyment. Japan is my top choice as a return destination for Asia.

Arrival Day

Four Seasons at Otemachi – Truly a hotel in the sky, Otemachi is one of the highest buildings in the area and offers a great view overlooking the Royal Palace. The room was a bit smaller than anything else we had during our trip despite being the most expensive, but that’s Tokyo for you.

Day 2

  • Royal Palace – Pretty place for catching the cherry blossom if you happen to be in Japan during this seasonal change. There are several museums around the property too.
  • Tokyo Station and Marunouchi Square – One of the world’s busiest areas and one that was recommended to us. There’s a great photo opp in front of the station.
  • Nihombashi and Ginza – You can walk along Chuo-dori for some great shopping both contemporary and luxury. 
  • Atelier XEX – Teppanyaki restaurant that features a great steak and sushi combination. The staff were so friendly and even sent me and Nicky home in a free limo after dinner (the chef apparently heard us talking and told the manager our two year anniversary was coming up).

Day 3

  • Chidorigafuchi Park – This was the best spot to catch the cherry blossom during our trip. It’s a 10-to-15-minute walk from the Royal Place and is fairly easy to catch a taxi from.
  • Mori Art Museum – Situated on the 53rd floor of Mori Tower, you can walk through some large scale, unusual exhibitions. This is a must for the more art inclined. 
  • Teamlab Borderless and Garden Plaza – I’m really bummed I didn’t get into teamlab borderless, tickets were sold out when we got there (make sure you reserve weeks in advance!). The surrounding area is still really cool and several other destinations are close by.
  • Tokyo Tower – Taller than the Eiffel tower although a bit thinner, you can get some cool perspective shots if angled properly.
  • Zo-Jo Temple – 5 minutes from Tokyo Tower is this Buddhist temple completed in 1622.
  • Sushi Ganpachi Nishiazabu – For an outstanding a la carte sushi experience, this restaurant is an amazing option. The rice was exceptional even for Japanese standards.

Day 4

  • Shibuya and Amore Vintage – I had heard plenty about these stores on social media because of the exception prices and was not disappointed. If you want a great deal on a second hand designer bag, you won’t get a better price elsewhere (I scored an exotic Chanel!)
  • Kashikawa and Rikugien Gardens – If you’re in Japan you have to go to at least one garden. Nicky and I decided to stack them all on the last day due to weather and the late cherry blossom. 
  • Asakusa and Senso-Ji Temple – Asakusa sports an older, more historic vibe than the rest of Tokyo. As it was told to me, Senso-Ji Temple is the city’s oldest and most significant temple and I can see why. Lots of beauty here. 
  • Ginza Seaman – Nicky and I had already done an a la carte menu so we opted for a set menu on our final night. The sushi was consistently good and frankly I feel spoiled having had such high quality fish.

Departure Day

Despite my exhaustion and the fact that I got sick, Tokyo was my favorite city of this trip. The culture and history is so unique compared to mainland Asia. The food was exactly what I hoped it would be and even though I’ve said similar things about many of the cities I’ve been to, Tokyo truly is a city you need to spend at least a week at to get full enjoyment. Japan is my top choice as a return destination for Asia.