Nicky's Corner

I could barely believe it myself. When Skylar first emailed me about a collaboration my first thought was “here’s another brand that’s greenwashing because there’s no way this perfume is made solely with non-toxic ingredients.” I proceeded to checkout their website and was surprised to find a full list of ingredients for each one of their products (rare), non of which were hiding behind the term “parfum/fragrance” (even more rare). But even then I was skeptical, so I decided to enter the ingredients, one by one, onto the EWG database to see how they ranked in toxicity (1 being low tox and 10 being high tox). 

As a rule of thumb I stay away from products averaging 4 or higher. I was surprised to find out their full list of ingredients averaged to be about a 2 on the EWG scale which is unheard of for a perfume. This literally made my day, but I still had to make sure their products actually smelled good. That’s important right?

I received and tested 4 of their fragrances: Vanilla Sky, Pink Canyon, Capri Summer and Salt Air and had my fiance provide his input as well. We both agreed Vanilla Sky was the most “me” scent because it was a little more on the sweeter side, but really they all smelled pretty amazing. I now have them on rotation so I leave Vanilla Sky for dates and special occasions and use the other three throughout the week.  

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