Details On My 2021 Holiday Home Decor

Y’all know I’m all about neutrals when it comes to my home decor and this year the holidays are no exception. So here you have it! A minimal winter wonderland (minus the tree because the ornaments I ordered are lost in the mail somewhere and the poor thing is standing naked in our living room). […]

Dallas Apartment: Master Bedroom & Patio Decor

The master bedroom is where I currently spend most of my time. I set out to make it my dream cozy nook while simultaneously ensuring it made for a practical work station. I also wanted there to be continuity between the styles of the living areas and the master which is why I stuck with […]

Dallas Apartment: Living Room & Dining Room Photo Dump

Nicky and I made the move from LA to Dallas in November of last year (2020) and since then I have made it my part-time job to furnish and decorate our apartment with the goal of turning it into a cozy, neutral paradise.  I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and consider […]

Staying Organized: Ideas From My Quarantine Days In LA

I’ve received a ton of messages regarding how I keep my home organized especially during times when most of us are spending all of our time inside our homes. So here I leave you with a list of strategies/ ideas/ pointers that are simple to apply that I swear by: Invest in baskets & bins! […]

#TBT: My LA Apartment Decor

“The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home” — Harold B. Lee