Rhodes Itinerary and Tips (3 nights)

Why Rhodes?

Much like Cyprus, Rhodes was an island I knew very little about before this trip. Nicky and I knew we wanted to see more of the Greek islands given our wonderful stay in Santorini last year, and during our research we kept seeing mention of Rhodes. A little more digging was all it took to feel comfortable adding it to our itinerary.

Arrival Day – Lindos Blu 

Just a heads up… if you fly Aegean Airlines, expect to be delayed anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour each flight. I have flown Aegean 8 times now and every single time there’s been a delay. The silver lining is that if you have a quick layover, it’s likely your bag will still make it to your final destination (unlike what happened to me on the way to Capri with Air France). 

From the airport it’s about 1 hour to Lindos area but I promise it’s well worth it! Lindos Blu is uniquely beautiful in that overlooks a fairly undeveloped bay with picturesque views from nearly every corner. The staff greet you with an opportunity to relax on the terrace with a glass of bubbles to get you into the vacation mood, which was much needed after our long day of travel.  

Day 2 – Vylcha Beach and Lindos Acropolis

Nicky and I started the day at Vylcha Beach. There are a few different areas where you can grab a chair and umbrella but after walking the length of the beach (don’t recommend going barefoot, there are lots of pebbles!) I think the Lindos Blu area is the best. It offers quality food beyond what you’d typically get at a beach club and there’s a rocky outcrop where you can take some cool photos. 

Afterwards we took a 5-minute taxi ride to Lindos square for some meandering around the classic Greek architecture that makes up Lindos village. It’s a bit of a maze but be sure to hike up to the Acropolis. It takes about 10 minutes max and there’s a museum at the top if you want to explore more than just the outside of the ruins. I recommend eating in a rooftop garden afterwards, there are countless options to choose from!

Dinner at Five Senses

If you can appreciate creative takes on timeless tradition, then you’ll love the Five Senses at Lindos Blu. They offer quite a few 3 course options with wine pairing, but Nicky and I opted instead for what we thought looked the best on the a la carte menu and were not disappointed. In fact, we had to go back a second time because there were too many dishes we still wanted to try!

Day 3 – Motor Yacht Tour

Per usual, Nicky and I booked a boat tour for our last full day that took us along the coast of southwest Rhodes. I’m so glad we did because there is absolutely no way we would have been able to explore everything on our own. Our captain was a total character and made sure we were having as much fun as possible at all times – shout out to Diagoras! 

The tour’s first stop is Lindos beach which is easily the best view of acropolis and Lindos village. Then you go to St. Paul’s bay which I can only describe as a small beachside oasis hidden in a nearly fully enclosed bay. From there they take you through Lion’s Road (a beautiful canal with jagged rock on each side) to get a picture in front of Lion’s Head Rock. The rest of the tour is spent swimming at various beaches, but my favorites were Navarone Bay for its endless crystal clear water and Fokia Bay for the privacy and great snorkeling.

Dinner at Smeraldo

We ended our evening eating at Smeraldo, the other hotel restaurant. It’s a combination of prefixed menu and buffet – and although I was hesitant to eat here since I’m not a big buffet person, this experience ranks as a top 3 for buffets (the other two being Eden Roc and The Four Seasons in Maldives). 

Departure Day and Final Thoughts

I don’t know how I hadn’t heard more about Rhodes prior to this trip because it easily ties Capri as my favorite stop so far! I highly recommend staying in Lindos Blu for the incomparable views and first-rate hospitality. Its proximity to Lindos village also made for convenient getaways. Next stop: Paros!

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