Paros Itinerary and Tips (3 nights)

Why Paros?

I knew I wanted to stop at another Greek island during this trip, particularly in the Cyclades. Originally I had Mykonos on my mind, but Nicky convinced me to try Paros instead since it’s much less party oriented and you get more bang for your buck. Some other options that crossed our list were Naxos, Milos, and Crete, so maybe next time!

Arrival Day – Agnanti Hotel and Parikia  

If you want a great view in Paros, AGNANTI HOTEL in Parikia has quite a few rooms with elevated views of the harbor (I’ve heard there are some great hotels with views in Nousa as well). 

Once we got settled we down to Parikia for a little shopping along the boutiques and scored Nicky a much-needed linen button down so he could match me a bit better. 

Dinner at Dionysus 

One of the better restaurants, DIONYSOS, is in Parikia and if you want authentic Greek food with a Paros twist, this place is an absolute must. Oh, and the all-white décor of the courtyard is complimented by a lush hanging garden, so you get to enjoy the open air while you dine.

Day 2 – Nousa and Kolymbithres Beach

The best boutique shopping in Paros is in Nousa. There are endless options to choose from within the white-walled maze, with plenty of cafes mixed in. Although Nicky and I didn’t stay until the evening, we’ve been told by several locals that Nousa is where the better night life happens. It definitely has a younger vibe than Parikia so if that’s your thing I recommend staying here.

Regardless of whether you stay in Nousa, make sure you stop at Kolymbithres beach nearby. Its waters are similar to what you get in elsewhere, but it has some unusual rock formations that make for interesting photos.

Lunch at Almond

By far the busiest restaurant in town was Almond, which sports a menu much like what you’d see at a gourmet brunch spot in LA. No matter your dietary requirements, you will find something you like here. Once we finished our meal we headed back to Parikia. 

Omilos Beach Club at Paralia Beach

For some late afternoon sun, Nicky and I went down to OMILOS BEACH CLUB along Paralia Beach. Each umbrella comes with two beach chairs and the option to order food/drinks from the bar, so if you’re looking to lounge, this place has you covered. Alternatively, right next to the club is a kiosk which offers a ton of different water activities like paddle boarding and kayaking.

Dinner at Mario by the Sea

I’m pretty sure Nicky and I ate at the two best restaurants in Parikia because for as good as Dionysos was, Mario by the Sea was just as good. The restaurant is situated about 10 feet from the beach and gives diners a spectacular sunset view. There’s also a small pier where I got one of my favorite photos of the trip.

Day 3 – Catamaran Tour of Antiparos and Despotiko

Originally we had planned to take the ferry to Antiparos and check out the town and cave system, but the weather was so nice we decided to book a full day CATAMARAN TOUR of Antiparos and Despotiko. This was a 9-hour excursion and provided fresh fruit for breakfast, a charcuterie board for lunch, and an amazing feast for dinner. We got to snorkel/paddleboard at several private coves and beaches, it was magical.

Departure Day and Final Thoughts

I’m beginning to think you can’t go wrong with any of the Greek islands. Nicky and I are now 3/3 in unforgettable experiences in Greece and we absolutely plan to come back to check out more. I’m a little sad because we only have two more islands remaining in our trip, but I’m excited for Sicily next!

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