Our Stay at The Four Seasons in Limassol Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

If I’m being totally transparent, I didn’t know Cyprus existed until Nicky booked the trip. But I was excited to learn it’s culturally similar to Greece with a milder climate than some of the hotter regions in the Mediterranean. The idea for this part of the trip was to rest up and enjoy a nice resort while catching up on work. In other words, our version of an intermission for a month-long island-hopping trip (so expect a shorter blog)!

Limassol is considered the prime vacation destination in Cyprus due to its soft black-sand beaches and abundance of luxury resorts. The Four Seasons in particular is consistently ranked one of the best hotels on the island, so for our “intermission” this was perfect. 

Arrival Day – Dinner at Sera

Unfortunately, our flight from Malta was delayed so we didn’t get to the hotel until around 8pm. We were so beat we just grabbed dinner on-site at Sera. It’s an Italian themed restaurant and the chef didn’t disappoint (we later discovered he has a Michelin star at his restaurant in Athens). One of the great things about staying at a nice resort is the dining quality.

Day 2 – Sunbathe and Dinner at Seasons Oriental

We started the day with a quick sauna session to breathe some life into our skin before lounging at Aphrodite Beach. Nicky and I were surprised by how cool the water felt so we eventually moved over to the pool area. It can sometimes feel like a crime to skip the beach, but Four Seasons are always on point with their pool facilities!

For dinner we ate at Seasons Oriental, arguably the best Chinese food Nicky or I have had in years. Apparently it was awarded the best restaurant on the island around 5 years ago and continues to win awards to this day. 

Day 2 – Catamaran Charter and Dinner at M Fusion

We began the day with a private catamaran charter around the southern coastline of Limassol. Sticking to our plan of relaxing and catching up on work, Nicky and I used the opportunity to get some more sun, do a bit of paddle boarding, and snorkel. The area was reminiscent of some parts of Malta but without the coves and caves. Regardless of whether you do a boat tour, check out the Limassol marina and promenade around sunset for a relaxing walk along the water.

For Dinner we tried the last restaurant The Four Seasons called M Fusion, which is a combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. I wasn’t blown away by the sushi but the oysters and Iberico tacos were quite good.

Departure Day and Final Thoughts

Although we could have explored more, I still enjoyed my time in Cyprus. Since Nicky and I are about halfway through our trip, The Four Seasons in Limassol was the perfect place to catch our breath before heading to the remaining islands!

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