Nicky's Corner

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Let’s talk relationship resolutions. Whether you’re just starting out with someone, living together or married, it’s important to look back every so often and analyze the habits we’ve been forming to determine what works and what doesn’t. Essentially, it’s important to be intentional when it comes to growing our relationships and sitting down with your significant other to come up with a list of resolutions at least once a year can be incredibly beneficial for couples. So without further ado, here’s the list Nicky and I came up with for 2023! 

1. Get into a nightly routine and stick with it:

Although Nicky and I have implemented a great morning routine that works wonders for us, the same can’t be said about an evening routine. Ideally, we want to have a wind down period that is free of intense work, major decisions, and mindless entertainment, while still engaging us in a way the allows for a peaceful transition into sleep. We just haven’t been able to find a system that accommodates both our needs. This year, we plan to hash out something of a permanent compromise so we aren’t stuck in limbo anymore. When we do, we’ll be sure to provide all the details in a separate blog entry.

2. Further develop our work relationship: 

This past year, Nicky took up the challenge of helping me grow my blogging business by helping manage my emails and collaborations as well as assisting in the content creation process. Next year, we hope to further develop this side of our relationship by challenging each other artistically, being more open to the other one’s ideas/opinions and more open to receiving the other’s constructive criticism. 

3. Go on a phone-less date once per week:

This year, we incorporated phone-less walks (usually morning or sunset strolls) to our joint routine and it quickly became some of our most valuable quality conversation time. However the loop we walk usually only takes us about 17min to complete, so next year we want to allocate an additional hour at least once a week to some kind of date activity (dinner, longer walks, potting sessions etc.) without having our phones as a potential distraction.