Nicky's Corner

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Given the new year, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss my workout regime for 2023. Since The Lya Process Pt 1 & 2, Nicky and I have learned that the volume and intensity of my workouts were too high and that some exercises were simply not effective given my goals. We have since removed all high intensity interval training exercises & replaced them with the occasional pickleball session. This allows us to focus exclusively on strength and aesthetic rather than cardiovascular ability when we are in the gym. We also removed low weight, high rep exercises because the need for oxygen efficient muscles just isn’t there for me, and these exercises tended to impede the progress made on more foundational ones. A final note, We’ve removed all rest intervals from the workout and rely mostly on my intuition to decide when its a good time to start the next set. This has given me the flexibility to modify the difficulty of the exercises to accommodate for unexpected variables (for example, if I didn’t get a good night of rest I may give myself a longer rest period). Now we have a much cleaner, simpler routine that focuses strictly on the best exercises for my goals.


10 min walk

Sumo Deadlift – 3 sets of 5

Standing Lateral Leg Raise – 3 sets of 8

Abdominal Leg Raise – 1 set to failure


10 min walk

Barbell Hip Thrust – 3 sets of 5

Donkey Kicks (Machine) – 3 sets of 8

Hip Adductors – 3 sets of 8


Rest or Pickleball



Kettlebell Swings – 3 sets of 10

Leg Extensions – 3 sets of 8

Lying Bicycles – 1 set to failure


Sumo Squat – 3 sets of 5

Hip Abductors – 3 sets of 8

Situps – 1 set to failure


Rest or Pickleball