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My Cabo San Lucas Wedding

I finally said my goodbyes to the post-wedding blues and mustered up the emotional courage to revisit all of our wedding photos and put together this entry for y'all.

I finally said my goodbyes to the post-wedding blues and mustered up the emotional courage to revisit all of our wedding photos and put together this entry for y’all.

First off, I just want to point out that the post-wedding blues are very much a real thing and something I did not prepare for. They hit me hard right after we got back from the honeymoon and I’m just now starting to feel normal again. I must have sat down to work on this entry at least 10 times prior to this one and simply could not get through the first batch of photos without feeling like an emotional wreck and stopping. But I’m good now! (I think?) So let’s kickstart my official wedding blog post starting at the beginning: 

The Welcome Party:

(our version of a rehearsal dinner at Sunset Monalisa)

As you can probably tell by the photos, this was an all-white party (with the exception of Nicky and I – we were doing a black and white thing). We chose a white, coconut flavored cocktail as our welcome drink and had open bar throughout the event which lasted 3 hours. There was no formal dinner but there were enough tapas style dishes to ensure everyone left with a full stomach.

The overall style was ‘minimal lounge’. All seating and furniture were provided by Sunset Monalisa and arranged by my planner, Carolina at Karla Casillas & Co. We didn’t budget for decor here given I specifically chose the venue for its effortless minimal style and insane views which, in my opinion, needed no dressing up. 

Sunset Monalisa welcome party photos below. 

The Wedding Day:


I was shockingly calm the entire morning & afternoon leading up to the ceremony. After sleeping 9 hours the night before, I had The Cape‘s famous french toasts for breakfast and ate the whole thing like it was nothing. Y’all will probably think I’m lying to you but I had zero nerves and felt pretty much like my normal self (FYI, this was not the case throughout the 2-3 months leading up to the wedding, I could barely sleep, eat or think about anything aside this wedding). 

Getting ready with my girlfriends, mom & sister while sipping on champagne and talking sh*t was one of my favorite and most memorable moments of the weekend. Also, me being me, I really enjoyed shooting my ‘solo’ get ready pics with my photographer Julieta. Not only is she incredibly talented but she’s hilarious and such a sweetheart! 

Getting ready photos, groom & groomsman photos and some other fun pre-ceremony shots below.

The Ceremony:

Okay, so this is where I sort of blacked out. The moment I left the room to meet my dad & walk down the aisle, my stomach turned into knots and my brain got foggy. I only remember bits and pieces of the ceremony and don’t really remember saying my vows so that should give y’all an idea of my state of being. I just know that I got through it and do have some beautiful photos to prove it. 

Ceremony photos below.

The Cocktail Hour: 

We spent the first half of the cocktail hour shooting with Julieta and the second half actually mingling with our guests, enjoying the drinks, and grabbing a bite or two of the hors d’oeuvres (which were AMAZING btw). Both Nicky and I loved the cocktail hour menu when we tried it during our tasting so we wanted to make sure we got to be a part of it.  

Cocktail hour photos below. 

The Reception: 

I have two things to touch on about our reception. 

1. The decor & aesthetic: I seriously cannot rave enough about the execution. I’m still in awe and just teared up a bit because I can’t believe these photos are actually from my wedding. Maria Fernanda (aka: MaFer) from Main Event Cabo and my planner Carolina completely blew my expectations out of the water and massively over-delivered. I am forever grateful to them for all the work and the love they put into bringing my vision to life. It was truly the wedding reception of my dreams. 

Reception decor & set up photos below

2. The party: hands down my favorite part of the weekend. This might sound a little cliche, but I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel joy like I did this night as Nicky and I partied our a**es off alongside the people we love the most in the world. It was like living a movie. 

First Dance, champagne tower, cake cutting & more reception moments below.

The night ended in A LOT of happy tears as the venue was cleared of all guests, leaving just Nicky and I (and my planner, Carolina, who recorded the video) to have one last dance in our now empty wedding reception venue. There was more crying than dancing but to me, it is the single most cherished memory of our wedding and probably the happiest moment of my life thus far. 

Link to our last dance video clip