My 2023 Festival Tips & Outfits

We just got back from Coachella with REVOLVE and it was the most incredible “work” trip of my life. This was my fourth time attending Coachella but my first time being hosted by a brand so that made it extra special. The Revolve team went above and beyond to make every moment of the weekend a memorable one and safe to say the whole experience exceeded my expectations as well as Nicky’s. That being said I made sure to prepare for the weekend accordingly, based on lessons I learned during previous trips to the festival. Below, I’ll leave you with a few of my top tips and recs that are sure to help make your next festival experience (Coachella or any other) a smooth one. 

1. I’m not going to tell you to wear the most comfortable shoes you own because I am a fashion blogger after all, and I understand wanting to look cute and fashionable at festivals. That being said, you should not wear shoes that are not broken into and if you choose to go with boots or sneakers, ALWAYS wear two pairs of chunky socks underneath (it will make all the difference, I promise)! This year I wore two pairs of boots – one by Schutz and the other by Larroude – and although by the end of the night my feet were starting to feel sore, I felt like it was nothing given how much we had walked. 

2. Coachella Valley is a very dusty place and when you add a a few hundred thousand people, plus wind, you get something very close to a small dust storm. I inhaled so much dust the first time I attended the festival that I was sick for a week afterwards. I learned my lesson though, and the following years I made sure to bring either a bandana or a jacket to cover my face during those extra dusty crowded moments.  

3. Desert temperatures can vary wildly from day to night but also from day to day. The first night of the festival this year was very cold (somewhere in the 50s) but the second and third where comfortable (mid 60s and no wind). Either way I was glad to have a warm jacket with me because I saw a lot of people (including Nicky) suffering through the cold night and most of the merch jackets that were available for purchase on the festival grounds had sold out earlier.

4. This one is for my content creators or photography loving people. Make sure you don’t bring a camera with dettachable lenses. Security at the entrance will not let you in with it or at best, if you get an extra nice security agent, they will make you take out the battery and leave it with them. I was, however, able to bring in my point-and-shoot camera (Canon G7X) without issues and managed to take some great looking nighttime shots thanks to its awesome flash.  

5. If you plan on attending other festival parties and events prior to the main festival, make sure you account for extra time in traffic – especially if there’s a performance you really want to get to on time. Traffic around the festival grounds is as close to horrific as it gets and you will undoubtedly arrive at a later time than what your GPS map estimates.  

If I think of any other major tips I will be sure to update this entry so it might be helpful to revisit it at a later date prior to attending a music festival. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of this year’s festival outfits (by yours truly) and the proof that the Canon G7X is truly the best point-and-shoot camera in the world. Enjoy!

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