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Although I left my nightclub phase back in my early twenties, my love for Las Vegas prevailed.

Although I left my nightclub phase back in my early twenties, my love for Las Vegas prevailed.

Last month, Nicky and I decided to go back to celebrate Valentine’s Day there. Since we are no longer clubby people, we decided to fill up our nightly schedule with shows (2 per night to be exact). I’m leaving you a list of our favorite ones below, some which we got to see during our Valentine’s trip, and others which we’ve watched in the past. If you have the chance to see any of these, or get the chance to in the near future, feel free to let us know what you think of our assessment down in the comment section. 


1. Absinthe:

This was my favorite show for over 2 years. It’s really funny and feels lighter than a Cirque Du Soleil performance but still provides incredibly talented acrobats (among other performers). It also sets the tone for a really fun night afterwards.  

2. Rouge:

Currently my favorite Las Vegas show. The performers are insanely talented and most double as comedians. It also feels more intimate and light-hearted than the bigger Cirque Du Soleil shows. 


Best production value! You almost can’t believe your eyes. Everything from the costume design to the choreography you can just tell has been planned and executed with upmost scrutiny. It’s a truly jaw-dropping performance. 

4. Fantasy:

It’s rated the best burlesque show in Vegas for a reason. The girls are very sexy, the costumes are stunning and the MC is super talented, witty and just overall hilarious.  

5. O:

This was the first Cirque Du Soleil show I ever attended and I’ll never forget it. I was absolutely blown away in the moment and although I’ve since watched a handful of shows I consider to be more my style, it holds a very special place in my heart and I still think it’s very much worth checking out. 

6. WOW:

The Vegas Spectacular: The first show of our Valentine’s trip and it did an incredible job at getting us excited for what was to come. It certainly set the standard for the rest of the weekend. Highly recommend if you want a really good laugh combined with some crazy strength and acrobatic performances. 

7. The “V” Variety Show:

A much more intimate show that takes place inside a mall theater but keeps you engaged from start to finish. It’s very interactive and also hosted by a very talented MC. 

*A lot of the shows have similar acts so the differences are mostly in the quality of performance*