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Mexico City Itinerary and Tips (8 nights)

When Nicky, Gabby and I landed in Mexico City we were all pretty jet-lagged from pulling an all-nighter the night before.

Arrival Day – Azul Condesa

When Nicky, Gabby and I landed in Mexico City we were all pretty jet-lagged from pulling an all-nighter the night before. I don’t recommend this because I ended up playing catch up for a few days and paid the price later (detailed later). We got settled into our Airbnb before heading out to Azul Condesa for our first mezcalitas of the trip. The Jamaica Mezcalita is a fan favorite!

Day 2 – Pasillo de Huma, Chapultepec, Frida Kahlo Museum, Madre Roof, Café Paraiso

Our first full day was a long one! We started by walking around the Roma area and checking out a coffee shop called Brewklyn Café before dining at Pasillo de Huma for a traditional Mexican breakfast/lunch. Both options were solid.

Around early afternoon we finished our meal and headed over to Castillo de Chapultepec, a large castle-like museum that offers panoramic views of the city. Just make sure you bring your athletic shoes because it’s a bit of a hike to get to the museum. Afterwards we grabbed an uber to the Frida Kahlo Museum. It’s best to reserve tickets in advance or you risk not getting in. We arrived early so we recaffeinated at Café Tierra Garat (a must stop if you like coffee beverages). The museum is also a must for anyone who appreciates art, history, and fashion. 

In the evening we went to Madre Roof for dinner followed by our only club experience at Café Paraiso. The service could have been much better at Madre Roof but I think the restaurant was understaffed. Otherwise the ambience was great.

Day 3 – Cuina, El Bazar del Sabado, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Casa de los Azulejos, and Botanico

The following morning we went to Cuina, a breakfast spot that was recommended by a friend living in MXC. This did not disappoint. The food was excellent and there was even a sister café for us to grab coffee to go. We needed it because our next stop was El Bazar del Sabado, a rambunctious flea market held on weekends where you can buy things on the cheap. We followed this with a visit to Palacio de Bellas Artes and Casa de los Azulejos, both located in the heart of downtown and offers great photo opportunities. I don’t recommend going on the weekend though because it gets pretty crowded. We had dinner at Botanico and were blown away by everything. The food, the ambience, and we even spotted one of my childhood celebrity crushes: Diego Boneta.

Day 4 – Hello Kitty Café and Polanco Airbnb

Our final morning in Roma was spent at the Hello Kitty café. We kind of did this as a silly throwback to our childhood, but I was actually impressed with the Disneyworld-like detail of the place. If you want a good laugh, go on someone’s birthday and be sure to do the museum tour after!

Afterwards we headed back to our Airbnb to pack up and head to our next stay in Polanco.

Day 5 – Boucot Café, La Barra de Fran, Ave. Presidente Masaryk, Animal Masaryk

Our first day in Polanco (known as the Beverly Hills of MXC) started with our usual search of caffeine. Nicky found a great spot called Boucot Café that not only had nitro cold brew but a full matcha bar as well. We grabbed food at La Barra de Fran afterwards, which serves up quite spectacular Spanish food. Nicky was in need of some new items for his wardrobe so we did a little shopping along Avenue Presidente Masaryk. All of the high end shops in MXC are basically around this street. We were feeling pretty tired by late afternoon so opted for an early 5pm dinner at Animal Masaryk and were not disappointed. The theme was Mexican-Japanese fusion set in a jungle-like rooftop and, in hindsight, this was probably my favorite restaurant.

Day 6 – Sunrise Hot Air Balloon over Teotihuacan and Quintonil

The activity I was most excited for started at 4:30am. Nicky, Gabby and I were picked up at 5am to be taken outside the city for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Teotihuacan ruins. I published a video of this experience because words will not do it justice. The tour included a traditional Mexican breakfast and a private grounds tour of the ruins. We got back to Mexico City sometime around mid-afternoon and caught up on content before going to dinner at Quintonil. This came highly recommended by a local and I can see why. It’s a Michelin-like experience without the Michelin price tag. 

Day 7 – Sicknesses and Pujol 

Our least eventful day of the trip started with Nicky and I falling ill (though Nicky had it a good bit worse). We originally planned to do the Trajineras at Xochimilco (a boat ride through the canals) at 2pm but we just weren’t feeling good enough by then. We both took a nap and fortunately by about 7pm both of us were feeling pretty good again, in time for our 9:30pm reservation. Like Quintonil only with a better ambience, Pujol was another Michelin level service. 

Day 8 – Ryoshi Masaryk, Parque Lincoln and Parole Polanco

Nicky had planned an early hike at Desierto de los Leones National Park, however we decided to skip it to avoid taxing our immune systems further. We grabbed brunch at Ryoshi Masaryk, a good sushi spot, before strolling around Polanco and Parque Lincoln. Most of the day was ruined when my phone broke and we had to miss our Lucha Libre show so I could attempt to get my phone fixed at an apple store. It’s a long story that I won’t discuss here but it put a sour note on the end of the trip. We grabbed our last dinner at Parole Polanco, an Italian restaurant with evening entertainment.

Departure Day and Final Thoughts

I didn’t mention this before, but we took an uber everywhere we went. They are very cheap in Mexico City. In fact, we often upgraded to uber blacks for added comfort. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the city and for the price it can’t be beat. That said, Nicky, Gabby and I all got sick at various points despite sticking to the nicest restaurants and bottled water only. I think Mexico City makes a great destination for a celebratory weekend like bachelorettes or birthdays, but you may want to look elsewhere for romantic getaways.

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