Nicky's Corner

Let’s talk schedule and weekly organization. I have tried to schedule my life over the years in a million different ways from cute agendas to filling every time slot on my Google Calendar and color coding everything. But this year after having had a good amount of success using the Notes application on my computer to organize myself when planning projects such as my Holiday Gift Guide, wedding and even daily IG content, the idea came to mind to start a “Weekly Schedule” file on my Notes with a tab for each day of the week and my routine tasks divided between them.  

Now, before I break down exactly how I did it I want to point out the obvious and let everyone know that there isn’t one single right way to do this. My way might not work for everyone and some of you might even have better systems in place already, BUT if you’re like me and you’ve tried it all before (plus having every time-bubble in your Google Calendar filled up gives you the heebie-jeebies) then I suggest you keep reading and even take down some notes (literally)!

First things first, you have to actually “take down some notes” as in clean up your Notes application and delete the noise. Move all the old passwords somewhere safe, delete the old quotes and message drafts and make sure whatever you’re keeping in there you actually need and want to see on the daily. Now that your app is clean (yes, I know you feel accomplished already but we’re just getting started) you can get to actually working on your schedule. 

I suggest you start by creating a list of all the tasks you want to get done on a weekly basis. I titled mine “Schedule Notes” and wrote down tasks like: answering emails, updating Caribum‘s finances, sharing on LTK/Pinterest/IG, working on collabs, reading a book, listening to a podcast etc. I also wrote down how many times a week I wanted to work on a task (so like emails every day, podcast once a week etc.) 

Once I had written down all the things I wanted to accomplish on a weekly basis I began copy/pasting the tasks onto the note tabs I had made for each individual day of the week. As I would add a task to a week day I would bold the same task on my “Schedule Notes” list so that I knew it had been scheduled already. I kept each day as simple & straight forward as I could because I know myself and had I added too much on one day or gone into detail about a task I would’ve most likely gotten overwhelmed and eventually stopped sticking to it. 

Below is a photo for reference on what my Weekly Schedule file looks like as well as the Monday note tab. 

To be perfectly clear I still also use both a physical planner (the Day Designer from Target) and Google Calendar for all specific events, appointments, meetings and less frequent tasks (especially if I want to be reminded of them on my phone). However, I like to have my weekly schedule and work routine, which I plan to stick to whenever additional work/life functions don’t take priority, laid out on my Notes app where its simple and easy enough for me to refer to throughout the day as well as quickly edit if I need to.