Nicky's Corner

The master bedroom is where I currently spend most of my time. I set out to make it my dream cozy nook while simultaneously ensuring it made for a practical work station. I also wanted there to be continuity between the styles of the living areas and the master which is why I stuck with a neutral palette. I did, however, shift a little more towards the moodier/natural side and incorporated a few darker tones like brown and grayish green. Most of my inspiration came from pages like Amber InteriorsLulu and Georgia and Scout and Nimble. I highly recommend browsing their Instagram and Pinterest feeds if you’re looking for inspiration yourself.

Even though I decorated most of the space on my own, when it came to picking out the larger pieces of furniture for the master and the patio, Nicky and I thought it best to do it together. He’s much pickier about things like craftsmanship while I, of course, am picky about the style and overall look. We ended up ordering the bed frame, mattress and a weighted blanket (love that thing) from Saatva because the reviews, aesthetics and delivery time frame all checked out. It honestly took me a minute to get used to the mattress (like about a month and a half actually) but Nicky loved it from the start and now we both swear by it. For the patio furniture we took a field trip to West Elm and ordered everything in person right then and there. They took a while longer to deliver those (I want to say around 3-4 months for everything) but IMO it was worth it. We’ve gotten tons of compliments about how sturdy our furniture is compared to most patio sets. The fabric has been super easy to clean and is easy to style and decorate around. 

As per usual I’ve linked pretty much everything in the Lookbook down below for y’all. Feel free to share your thoughts/questions in the comment section and best luck on your future decorating endeavors! 

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