Nicky's Corner

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Nicky and I made the move from LA to Dallas in November of last year (2020) and since then I have made it my part-time job to furnish and decorate our apartment with the goal of turning it into a cozy, neutral paradise. 

I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and consider my style to be somewhere between Scandinavian and BoHo farm house. 

Other than natural tones the only pop of color I opted for was a faded leafy green and I did so by adding an faux olive tree next to the dining table as well as a variety of live eucalyptus and baby’s breath arrangements in the living room. I purchase all of my live plants from Whole Foods and usually change them up once every couple of months. Both eucalyptus and baby’s breath dry beautifully and can therefore last a very long time. We only really swap ours if either they stop smelling or we’re hosting family/friends and want a fresher greener look around. 

Feel free to browse the Lookbook below for direct links to my furniture and decor items.