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Capri Travel Itinerary and Tips (4 Nights)

Nicky and I had a strategy to avoid jet lag this time around: take melatonin after the in-flight meal and sleep the rest of the flight. Dallas to Paris is 9 hours and they do food service about an hour in so that potentially gives you up to 7 1/2 hours of sleep before you land.

Traveling from the U.S. to Europe

Nicky and I had a strategy to avoid jet lag this time around: take melatonin after the in-flight meal and sleep the rest of the flight. Dallas to Paris is 9 hours and they do food service about an hour in so that potentially gives you up to 7 1/2 hours of sleep before you land. We took 1.5mg each (any more than that and you’ll feel groggy). I wouldn’t eat or drink too much either. Nicky had a few glasses of wine with his food and was tossing and turning from being too hot.

When A Bag Is Lost 

Use an AirTag for checked bags, especially if you have a layover. The airline lost the bag that had all my clothes. This is the first time I used an AirTag and I’m so glad I did because we were able to locate my bag immediately. Unfortunately, Air France wouldn’t deliver it until the day we were supposed to leave Capri. The hotel manager was able to provide a courier service, for a fee, so I could have my luggage the next day. If you lose a bag, this is a potential solution. 

Naples to Capri

Nicky booked a private helicopter to take us to Capri via Hoverfly. While the experience was really cool, I can’t in good conscience recommend this option. It’s extremely expensive and the convenience probably doesn’t outweigh the fact that you can save the money for other activities and just take a ferry.

Arrival At Caesar Augustus

For arrival days, Nicky and I like to experience everything the hotel has to offer without the added stress of making reservations elsewhere. The hotel was stunning! You can check it out here: Caesar Augustus (We got the junior suite sea view cliff side – it’s amazing!)

Our first meal was at La Limonaia tucked away on the Rodeo Drive of Capri (Via Camerelle). It boasts a courtyard shaded by a canopy of lemon trees and is one of the few spots open past 3pm so if you’re in need of a late lunch this place is a great option.

Later in the evening we sat on the terrace at Cesar Augustus to enjoy a drink, listen to live music, and watch the sunset. It was exactly the kind of relaxing evening we needed to wrap up a travel day. We ended the night by taking some melatonin around so we could get an early start to the next day.

Day 2 – Hotel and La Fontelina

Chances are you’ll still be jetlagged the following day. If you wake up very early and can’t fall back asleep like I did (around 6am), take the opportunity to catch the sunrise. It’ll put you in a pleasant state of mind for the rest of the day. 

I highly recommend a steam room or sauna session before your first breakfast. Nicky is a big fan and managed to convince me to do 15 minutes in the steam room. It totally enhanced my energy and the heat made me feel like my skin was glowing all day.

Our first scheduled activity was at La Fontelina in Capri. This is widely regarded as the best beach club on the island by locals. There is a minimum reservation requirement of 3 continuous days and if you want to secure a spot I suggest you try searching at least 45 days before your arrival. Outside of June-August, you can probably get away with 30 days in advance. 

There are typically two ways to get to La Fontelina. You can travel by boat from Marina Piccola for 7 euros per person, no reservation needed, or you can set out from Capri square for a 20 min walk. The boat transfer is faster, but I suggest walking down from Capri square at least once since the photo opportunities are to die for.

I love the food at Fontelina but it helps to know what to order. Certain menu items include an asterisk to signify it’s a signature dish and I suggest sticking to those.

Sometimes it’s easier to get a reservation at the restaurant without securing a spot at the beach club. Nicky and I are 3-0 with our strategy of asking our hotel’s concierge to find us a table and then walking down to the beach club after our meal to inquire about availability. Each time they’ve been able to accommodate us.

Dinner at L’Olivo

Nicky was very excited for dinner because he booked the only 2-star Michelin restaurant on the island, L’Olivo. It was arguably the best gastronomic experience we’ve had on the island. Every dish was incredible and the staff were beyond friendly. Oh and the wine pairing is an absolute must for anyone who appreciates wine in the slightest.

Day 3 – Lunch at Il Riccio and Dior Pop Up

I’m a huge fan of Il Riccio but expect the prices to be high even for Capri (the pastas are around €65). It also used to have two Michelin stars but sadly over the last three years it lost both of them. Nevertheless, the ambience is great! They have a DJ and the cliffside views are everything you want from a Mediterranean island. Noteworthy additions include a dedicated desert room and a Dior pop up which of course I always stop in.

An Evening with Locals

Nicky and I had met some locals at La Fontelina and we all met up for aperitifs at the piazzetta. You are really missing out if you don’t befriend some Italians while in Capri! We then went to Bucca di Bacco for what is considered the best pizza on the island and learned a ton of Italian superstitions from our new friends (never place a loaf of bread upside-down or risk bad luck!). 


You must get a boat to or from La Fontelina. We suggested this to some new friends and they said it was the highlight of their trip! Last year Nicky and I did a tour that ended at Fontelina, so this year we decided to get picked up for a tour of the part of the island we had yet to see. Whether you get dropped off or picked up, every boat excursion will include a picture opportunity at the Arch Faraglioni, a must-see attraction in Capri.

Dinner at Mamma Isola 

Our last dinner of the trip was at another Michelin star restaurant that comes with a great view of Capri, Mamma Isola. Whereas L’Olivo was refined and polished, this was a more rustic, but equally good, experience. I’d love to comment on the food but, unfortunately, I have to take Nicky’s word for it because I was beyond sick the entire evening. 

Day 5 – Departure

Stay tuned for my next blog entry to learn about the next leg of the trip in Sardinia, Italy!