Nicky's Corner

I’ve received a ton of messages regarding how I keep my home organized especially during times when most of us are spending all of our time inside our homes. So here I leave you with a list of strategies/ ideas/ pointers that are simple to apply that I swear by:

  • Invest in baskets & bins! I’m pretty sure every single person has a corner, a chair or an area in their home where clothes go to “rest” whenever they change in a hurry (or even if there’s no hurry at all). It’s sort of like a purgatory for clothes that aren’t dirty enough to go in the hamper and either not clean enough to go back where they belong or we’re just “too busy” (am I right)? Reality is we can’t be constantly picking up after ourselves throughout the day and my solution to this problem lies in BASKETS! One for each person in the house and placed in a designated area close to where they typically change so that it becomes a no brainer to throw your clothes in it.

  • Put your awkward size drawers to good use. In my Puerto Rico home they’re in the kitchen, my old apartment had them in a desk and now there’s a few of them in our master bathroom. My point is I bet somewhere in your home you have a half empty drawer that might be too shallow for clothes but can be put to better use than to hold an old receipt and a hand cream sample. I personally found mine to be a great spot for sunglasses because I can keep them aligned and thus pick one without disturbing the area around it and making a mess.


  • Set up a space by the entrance of your home to keep the shoes you wear the most often, keys, wallet, sunglasses, face mask (you name it!) This won’t only reduce clutter in other areas of your home but will also help the efficiency of your day-to-day by shortening the amount of time it takes you to be out the door. We went with a 6-cube organizer shelf from Target for our entrance (see image at the end), bins to keep our shoes out of sight and a wooden basket for keys and other smaller items.

  • Schedule 15-20 min in your daily morning routine to tidy up from the night before. If you don’t have a morning routine here’s an awesome book (that’s not too cheesy) to help you develop one and get you excited about them. If you’re one of those people who cleans up every night before going to bed then congratulations because that’s amazing! I on the other hand basically take a vacation every night after dinner and let my maid “alter-ego” pick up the mess the following morning.

Hope you guys found this entry helpful! Feel free to leave any questions or additional organization tips/ideas in the comments as usual 🙂