Skin Care Products I Use Every Day

Below are the names and links to each and every one of the products I own and use daily as part of my skin care routine. All products are either EWG verified or Nicky and I have taken the time to go through their list of ingredients and verified all are below a 3 on […]

Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 3

In this third and final post, I want to describe the strategies used by skin care companies to convince you to buy their products. Afterwards, I will highlight specifically what I use for my skin and why. I want to make it known now that this post is directed at over-the-counter products and not products […]

Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 1

In my younger years, I occasionally received compliments regarding the quality of my skin. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve received these compliments with increasing frequency. In every case, my sincere appreciation is given in the form of a blushed “thank you,” which is then almost always met with questions regarding my skin care routine. “What […]