My Updated Workout Routine

Given the new year, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss my workout regime for 2023. Since The Lya Process Pt 1 & 2, Nicky and I have learned that the volume and intensity of my workouts were too high and that some exercises were simply not effective given my goals. We […]

How I Make My Weekly Schedule

Let’s talk schedule and weekly organization. I have tried to schedule my life over the years in a million different ways from cute agendas to filling every time slot on my Google Calendar and color coding everything. But this year after having had a good amount of success using the Notes application on my computer […]

Nicky’s Corner: The (Lya) Process Pt. II

I mentioned in my last blog entry that I would discuss, in a separate article, the specifics of Lya’s workout routine. It seems only fitting that the follow-up to my debut post is centered on exactly that. Before diving in, I feel it’s important to provide some context regarding the specifics of her routine. First, […]

Nicky’s Corner: The (Lya) Process

One of the more exciting requests Lya handed me this past year was the task of creating a workout regime for her. Not only was I to draft the plan, but I was to help her implement it too. In other words, she was asking me to be her trainer. Now Lya was never one […]