Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 1

In my younger years, I occasionally received compliments regarding the quality of my skin. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve received these compliments with increasing frequency. In every case, my sincere appreciation is given in the form of a blushed “thank you,” which is then almost always met with questions regarding my skin care routine. “What […]

Nicky’s Personal Philosophy

One of the things I spend part of every day thinking about is my personal philosophy on life, what I want out of it and how to achieve it. It may seem like overkill to consider these things on a daily basis, but I find that in doing so I’m able to stay on course […]

How I Taught Myself How To Cook (And You Can Too)

Cooking at home is, in my experience, one of the most enjoyable and romantic activities you can engage in. There’s something especially rewarding about watching your partner’s eyes widen at that first bite, lips barely containing a grin, as they experience a mouthful of pleasure at the hands of your culinary skills. Even in the absence […]

The Case Against Vegetable Oil

Take a moment and explore the food inside your pantry and refrigerator. Pay close attention to the list of ingredients provided somewhere on the packaging of these foods. Do you notice any similarities? Perhaps the prevalence of either sugar or vegetable oil has caught your eye? The former is a topic worthy of a separate […]

Nicky’s Corner: The (Lya) Process Pt. II

I mentioned in my last blog entry that I would discuss, in a separate article, the specifics of Lya’s workout routine. It seems only fitting that the follow-up to my debut post is centered on exactly that. Before diving in, I feel it’s important to provide some context regarding the specifics of her routine. First, […]