Conflict Resolution Tips – Part 2

The “What Happened” Conversation Research shows that difficult conversations between partners generally fall into three categories: The “what happened” conversation, the feelings conversation, and the identity conversation. The poor ways in which we handle these conversations on a repeated basis are what Dr. Sue Johnson refers to as “demon dialogues.” These are tactics that effectively […]

Conflict Resolution Tips – Part 1

Conflict resolution is rarely easy. Whether we are dealing with an aggravated customer, lazy coworker, or frustrating neighbor, finding a solution through conversation is not an innate skill for most people. Typically, we rely on some form of avoidance or passive agreement to get past the situation with as little discomfort as possible.  But how […]

Nicky On Minimalism

As a kid, I often spent time thinking about what my adult life would look like. In my typical fantasy, I’d be an important person in a big house full of stuff I liked at the time. Pretty simple minded right? But it’s also understandable. Children are impressionable and don’t have much life experience. They […]

How to Avoid Vegetable Oils During The Holidays

In a previous blog post, [see here], I described what I see as the most compelling case against the consumption of industrially processed seed oils (colloquially known as “vegetable oil”). One of problems with vegetable oils is their ubiquitous use, particularly among food manufacturers, restaurants, and even home cooks. As we approach the holidays, I […]

Creating A Distraction-Proof Phone

How much time do you spend on your phone, on average, every day? Not sure? Go to your settings app and find “Screen Time” (or your phone’s equivalent) and soak in the data. You may notice an inordinate amount of time allocated to streaming services, social media, games, or other entertainment focused apps. How many […]

Dopamine Detox: Resetting The Brain

Years ago, I began to experience a nagging feeling that something was off. Bouts of mental lethargy and anxiety were commonplace. I responded by…

Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 3

In this third and final post, I want to describe the strategies used by skin care companies to convince you to buy their products. Afterwards, I will highlight specifically what I use for my skin and why. I want to make it known now that this post is directed at over-the-counter products and not products […]

How Nicky Maximizes His Credit Card Rewards

In response to the number of questions Lya has received about the credit cards I use, here is a summary of which cards I have and why. Enjoy. Chase Sapphire Reserve Card $550 annual fee $300 travel credit 10x pts on hotels, car rentals, and dining booked through Chase 5x pts on flights purchased through […]

Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 2

The philosophy I’ve employed my entire life is a simple one: what is good for your health is good for your skin. Making your health a top priority every day will, on average, leads to great results over the long run. If the body is a machine, then any actions taken to promote wellness are […]

Nicky On Skin Care Pt. 1

In my younger years, I occasionally received compliments regarding the quality of my skin. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve received these compliments with increasing frequency. In every case, my sincere appreciation is given in the form of a blushed “thank you,” which is then almost always met with questions regarding my skin care routine. “What […]