My Cabo San Lucas Wedding

I finally said my goodbyes to the post-wedding blues and mustered up the emotional courage to revisit all of our wedding photos and put together this entry for y’all. First off, I just want to point out that the post-wedding blues are very much a real thing and something I did not prepare for. They […]

Skin Care Products I Use Every Day

Below are the names and links to each and every one of the products I own and use daily as part of my skin care routine. All products are either EWG verified or Nicky and I have taken the time to go through their list of ingredients and verified all are below a 3 on […]

Honeymoon Travel Itinerary

We spent a total of 34 days abroad for our honeymoon and I’m not exaggerating when I say I could probably write a book with all the details about this trip. However, for practicality purposes, I’ve decided to break it all down in a few different blog entries. This one (the first) is a simple version […]

Wedding Planning Do’s & Don’ts Pt. 2

Wow, okay, this part two definitely took me longer to write than I had initially planned for, but let’s just go ahead and make that the first lesson of this DO’s and DON’TS entry:  DON’T expect things to happen exactly the way you plan them.  Expectations are resentments under construction and the more you come […]

My Bachelorette Weekend In Puerto Rico

Feathers, sequin, champagne and my favorite women in the entire world. The “Sex And The City” themed night that kicked off my bachelorette weekend will forever be engrained in my mind as one of the most fun nights of my life. I get emotional just thinking about it because I really don’t know how it […]

Get To Know Me: Voyage Dallas Interview

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lya Mariella. Hi Lya, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story. I took my first blogging baby steps in college circa 2015 when I started getting involved on Instagram and posting photos on a weekly basis. I remember direct messaging a […]

How I Make My Weekly Schedule

Let’s talk schedule and weekly organization. I have tried to schedule my life over the years in a million different ways from cute agendas to filling every time slot on my Google Calendar and color coding everything. But this year after having had a good amount of success using the Notes application on my computer […]

Details On My 2021 Holiday Home Decor

Y’all know I’m all about neutrals when it comes to my home decor and this year the holidays are no exception. So here you have it! A minimal winter wonderland (minus the tree because the ornaments I ordered are lost in the mail somewhere and the poor thing is standing naked in our living room). […]

2021 Holiday Gift Guide By Lya Mariella

IT’S FINALLY HERE! This is my first ever gift guide you guys and let me tell you it has been as fun to make as it has been challenging but I am over the moon to get to share it with all of you at last! I hope it helps ease your holiday shopping and […]

Things I Want This Season From Abercrombie

I’m currently working on my first ever Holiday Gift Guide (dropping November) and the process has me itching to do a little Christmas shopping for myself. One of the brands that has my heart right now is Abercrombie & Fitch. Almost every single thing they’ve dropped for Fall/Winter I’ve wanted to add to the Gift […]